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One of a Kind Show - Christmas Gift Ideas

Recently Comfy Blankets visited the One of a Kind show held in Toronto. For those of you who have never attended this show, One of a Kind is a marketplace and a meeting place where people come together to give craft the commanding attention it deserves. We were impressed not only by the quality of the products displayed at the recent show, but also by the creativity and originality of the booths’ set-up. Clearly, all of the show participants invested a lot of time and thought in the product merchandising. We wanted to provide an overview of some of our favorite products we thought would make great Christmas gifts for your dear ones.

1) Low Poly Crafts is one of our favorites at the One of a Kind show. This company sells kits that includes pre-cut, pre-scored and pre-numbered pieces to assemble. Glued, these pieces turn to become trendy pixel shaped objects such as sculptures, wall rockets, plants, animals, and others. The founders, Adrian and Britta, artist and engineer student duo, have been playing around with Low Poly and the DIY movement for a few years before coming together to create a business. With their creative DIY items, arts and crafts is brought to the next level. Whether you are having friends for dinner, spending some time with your kids or in the mood to have a quite evening on your own, it might be what you need to unwind and have fun.

Low Poly Crafts

Often compared to the therapeutic colouring books, the founders hope that Low Poly Crafts not only inspires but encourages people to create! Bring your inner kid out there and build a one-of-a kind pixel-shaped creature! Needless to say, all of Low Poly Crafts objects are very stylish and will become a nice addition to your interior.

Get your puzzles from and follow them on Instagram @lowpolycrafts.

2) Ouistitine

Ouistitine is a small Montreal-based company that makes hand-made stuffed animals, dolls, toys, and other accessories from reused natural fibers (wool, leather, fur, linen, cotton). The products are completely eco-friendly, natural, ethical and local.


The creator is using wool as the key material due to its unique and extraordinary qualities. Wool fibers are longer than the synthetic threads, therefore, keeping their elasticity longer. Wool is a breathable and hypo-allergic material. Also, it can absorb moisture up to one third of its weight. Moreover, wool is a natural fire retardant, thus safe for kids to be used around heat sources. It also contains far less static than the synthetic materials.

 Ouistitine          oustitine

Aside from the cradle-to-cradle and sustainable aspect of the products, we got drawn to its minimalistic and yet timeless design. After all, your child should be encouraged to explore his creativity and be able to decide for himself what he will bring to this toy. The toys created by Ouistitine would make a great gift for the little ones.

For the cute handmade toys head to and follow @ouistitine.

3) The Scented Market is a brand of candles hand poured with Natural Soy Wax. All candles contain premium cotton wicks for the best and cleanest burn and are soot free.

The Scented Market

The scents range from sweeter tones such as Cashmere, Milk and Honey to fresher ones like Summer Slices. Kristy, the creator, offers several collections for any taste including a special winter collection. In this season, you can choose from scents like Sugar Cookie, Holiday Joy & more, to enhance the feeling and coziness of your space. The North Pole is a crisp peppermint smell with a hint of sweetness. Being part of our Christmas tradition, Sleigh Ride is a fresh blend of outdoor greenery and crisp apples. Crackling Birch is a smell of birch wood crackling on a warm winters fire. One of our favorites is the O’Christmas Tree. It’s the smell of a Christmas tree freshly decorated with all the ornaments. The candles come in soft square glass mason jar as well as in a Rae Dunn mug. All the items have a hand made farmhouse flare to them.

    How many candles is too many? There's no such thing as too many candles!

    Follow @thescentedmarket and visit for a scented gift.

    4) Chocolat De Kat is another favorite of ours. The founder of Chocolatdekat combined her art background and chocolaterie training to create unique desserts. A real treat for gourmands. Each of her bon bons is a tiny piece of edible art. Exquisite bon bons, hand crafted in small batches in Toronto. Using only the best quality chocolate and a meticulous attention to details, each jewel-like chocolate piece is hand painted, cast, and filled with a soft ganache that compliments its dark, milk or white exterior.

    ChocolatdeKat           ChocolatdeKat

    Chocolat de Kat chocolates are a unique experience, and a culmination of the journey from art history enthusiast to pastry chef to chocolatier. Smooth, melt in the mouth, luxuriant, silky, heavenly, bliss, perfect with a cup of tea. A treat for you and your loved ones.

    Follow them @Chocolatdekat and sweeten your heart at .

      5) Akamina studio is a collaboration between talented Bec Kilpatrick and Andrew Pavlidis, illustrator and photographer based in Calgary. They traveled extensively throughout Canada and captured the incredible beauty of the local flora and fauna in their photography and images. Their work is a reflection of what they love and the beauty that surrounds us in this world. There's part in all of us that needs nature in our homes and these creations are a perfect gateway to the nature around us. Kudos to Bec and Andrew for their beautiful work!  

      Follow them on Instagram

      Akamina     Akamina

      We hope that Comfy Blankets will be participating next year at this renowned Christmas show. Follow us for further updates.

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